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Re: Anyone have anything to say about North Carolina?

#259975 1 year, 5 months ago
We\'ve been in Charlotte from Long Island for almost 3.5 years. Generally the lifestyle is much easier than NY metro area. A couple observations:

Housing is 60 cents on the NY dollar. Either you get more and newer or you save a bunch of money. Housing in Charlotte seems to be picking up since we moved in 2009 when it came to standstill. We\'re 15 miles south of the city and new houses are being built at a good clip.

Charlotte seems to be a mix of mostly outsider (NY, Boston Ohio), so there are not too many natives.

Job market seems to be picking up and becoming more diverse. Charlotte was mostly banking and now Chiquita and other multi-nations are moving in.

Traffic is tolerable at rush hour and generally not an issue other time. The infrastructure is in place to handle growth.

Weather is great. Only shoveled snow once to learn it melts by noon. Don\'t shovel anymore!

My parents retired to Asheville 25 years ago. It\'s outgrown its infrastructure and traffic can suck. Weather can be tough in the winter. They are now in Charlotte.

Travel from Charlotte out CLT is OK. Parking is being revamped, but should be good when they\'re finished. Easy to get to NY (JetBlue). Other destinations might require a change. Also US Air is the big dog. They generally suck, but hope merger with AA should help.

Hope this helps. DSO swings through town once a year. I\'ve met a few heads and seem pretty laid back.

I usually have Further/GD playing in the garage on the weekends and no complaints. Neighbors think i\'m a little strange, everyone seems to get along pretty well.

Hope this helps.
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